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Wrocław is a unique city consisting of 12 islands connected by 117 bridges; lies on the Oder and its four tributaries: Ślęza, Oława, Bystrzyca and Widawa. As the largest city of Lower Silesia, it is its administrative, economic and cultural capital. The history of the city is over a thousand years old, and the heritage of the past is intertwined with the modernity of the business center. Although as to the number and scale of tourist attractions, Wrocław certainly cannot compete with large European capitals, such as Paris or Barcelona, ​​but from year to year it becomes a meeting place for travelers, businessmen and - above all - all admirers of good fun. There is something for everyone, both those who like to tour with a guide, and lovers of self-discovery of the city from the inside. The Old Town of Wrocław is magical, beautiful and captivating. Lots of monuments, narrow streets, Odra river, bridges on it and a great atmosphere of past centuries. The great thing is that you can sit down, explore slowly, look at beautiful things, e.g. university, sand island, botanical garden, cathedral of John the Baptist, church of St. Cross and additionally there are 3 lookout towers from which you can look at everything from above. Those who like to visit cities and towns will definitely appreciate Wrocław as one of the most beautiful old cities in Poland. The atmosphere of the old ages felt all the time.


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Free museums in Wroclaw


Thanks to the funding obtained, all permanent exhibitions in museums belonging to the city from...